Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Current Features as of 1.0 - Visit the Features section for more info

  • Easy Forms - one function call will take all your form values and create a pretty little query string for you ajaxObj.getForm('formid');

  • JSON Client Side Encoding - Now you can send and receive JSON encoded data from client or server!

  • Network Down Protection - MyBic can help to detect when the server is down and will disable itself from making more calls

  • Submission Queue built-in - All of your AJAX requests will be sent in the correct order, all requests are stored in the queue to prevent overwriting

  • Debugging Aid - just set ajaxObj.debug=1; and you will get a little popup that gives you info on your current request/responses

  • Firebug Integration - Use the MyBic firefox extension to send debug data from your php scripts to firebug! No mess, no fuss!

After tiring of over hyped ajax frameworks trying to hide theguts that make ajax programming fun I decided to share my recipe for easy to make ajax applications where you still have control over everything, but the setup of it all is handled for you. This is a basic state of mind system rather than a framework. I offer you 3 files and a design pattern that allows you to focus on making things happen rather than setting things up. This is designed for PHP4 and PHP5

My-BIC provides support for XML, JSON and TEXT ajax transactions. My-BIC has also been tested to work with Safari, Firefox, IE and Opera web browsers.

As of version 1.0 We now include the MYBIC DEBUGGER. You can use this amazing tool to send debug information from PHP straight to firebug.

The 3 files I provide that you'll need:

Client Side: mybic.js - Javascript class to create xmlhttprequest object and make server calls

Server Side: mybic_server.php - The front controller, all ajax requests will be sent to this page

mybic_json.php - If JSON encoding is requested, the response from your class will be JSON encoded(Michal Migurski)

for more information click the following link

For download it , visit this link

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