Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Which is appropriate PHP framework, It's hard to decide...

What’s your favorite PHP framework?
So I’m making my first foray into PHP frameworks. I’m tinkering with CodeIgniter right now. I chose it on a lark, in part because it was easy to install, didnt’t require too much tinkering with configuration settings, and well-documented.

Though I like CodeIgniter’s OO-MVC approach, I’m not wedded to it. I’m also very interested in what else is out there. So please share with us:

  • What PHP framework are you using?

  • What’s your favorite PHP framework (if you have tried enough to compare)?

  • If you were going to recommend a framework to learn, which would you choose (or warn folks to avoid) and why?

And if you haven’t yet looked into PHP frameworks, here’s a (far from comprehensive) list to get you started:

article from http://tiffanybbrown.com/

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